Lab Online


Moonchase Lab Online is your next-generation laboratory information system. Developed with many years of experience building similar products, and with state-of-the-art technology, it was designed from the bottom up to evolve from an access enabler for external care providers into a comprehensive laboratory solution, including features like instrument communication, automated result validation, quality control, statistics, billing and more.


  • Fully web-enabled (no installation necessary for adding workstations).
  • Single unified solution for internal and external users (no duplication of code or data, enhancing consistency and security).
  • Open source database support (very significant cost reduction).
  • Customization using industry-standard scripting (required knowledge readily available).
  • SaaS licensing and deployment available (no worries about backups or upgrades).
  • Direct access to developers (allowing efficient and rapid support).


  • Native support for open-source (free!) application and database servers.
  • Communication with patient demographic supplier and one or more filler actors using HL7 IHE or other standards.
  • LIS-specific configuration synchronization.
  • Desktop and web user interfaces.
  • Unlimited number of lab-defined, tabbed order forms with extensive styling options.
  • Test search by name or synonym, with dynamic popup of suggested matches.
  • Immediate update of information prompts, sample requirements and prices, as individual tests are added or removed.
  • User-specific definition of favorite profiles.
  • Hyperlinks to integrated laboratory guide.
  • Redundancy detection.
  • Used by collectors in collection centers.
  • Prescription query and process pages.
  • Sample overview with cap colors, collection instructions, tests and status.
  • Context-specific information capturing.
  • Handling of uncollected samples.
  • Mobile, worklist-based approach for use at home or in wards.
  • Extensive personalized layout options including graphs, tabs, filters, column selection and more.
  • Integrated patient history navigation for all disciplines.
  • Support for multiple attachments and/or linked documents.
  • Integrated validation options for internal users.
  • Direct access to controlled ordering of additional tests.
  • Hyperlinks to integrated laboratory guide.
  • Immediate translation to different languages.
  • Download or print as PDF-document.
  • Multiple options for sharing with colleagues or patient.
  • Industry-standard, lightning-fast scripting language.
  • Countless applications including automated validation, reflex testing, custom graphics generation and rule-based billing.