About us

Moonchase was established in July 2009 by Toon Claeys and Stefaan Demurie. Since the eighties, we are specialized in the design and development of complete, globally used software solutions for medical laboratories.

We believe that, given the required domain experience, small companies can contribute significantly to the next generation of laboratory information systems. Less overhead and more flexibility enable their solutions to evolve more rapidly, along with new functional requirements as well as with new technological opportunities.


We are building better, contemporary solutions for medical laboratories. We contribute our extensive domain expertise to avoid common pitfalls and to ever apply the best, proven design patterns. Our goals are quality, simplicity and scalability. Quality is not just embedded in our processes but equally in the functionality of our products, enabling quality in our customers' processes. Simplicity is our design yardstick, as we believe that rich yet simple functionality is the hallmark of designers who truly understand their users' needs as well as their tools. Scalability allows small and large organizations to equally benefit from our solutions.


Sales and support services for Moonchase Lab Online are offered by our partners Analis (Belgium), Topicus (the Netherlands) and Inlog (France & Switzerland).